About Fair Trade



TRADE-FAIR MARKETPLACE is the first fair trade enterprise in Huntsville and the second in Alabama. We are a non-profit group of individuals dedicated to the goal of benefiting artisans and farmers who produce the product rather than the merchant who sells it.

All products sold in TRADE-FAIR MARKETPLACE are purchased from suppliers who adhere to fair-trade practices. This means that workers who rarely earn a living wage are paid fair value for their work, ultimately improving living conditions among people throughout the world.

The next time you need a gift or an accent piece for your home, come by and check out our merchandise. It is always fun to shop but you will feel even better when you know that you have helped improve some family�s life with your purchase.

To learn more about fair trade check these websites:

Trade-Fair Marketplace
817 Regal Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801

Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm